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Application of AS700 Series Cabinet-Type Inverter

The Shanghai Yixin International Trade Co., Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise, National Innovative Enterprise, Shanghai IPR Model Enterprise, Shanghai, Patent Model Enterprise, and Shanghai Technology Center.
Yixin International is a comprehensive international trading company with multilingual support for business; languages include English, Russian, Spanish, German, and Japanese. The company aims to provide a platform on which China’s high-quality products can more easily enter the international market, while making it easier high-quality products from the international market to enter the Chinese market as well.
The company also specializes in the design, development, manufacture and selling of the various types of inverters as well. One of the widely used inverter is the AS700 Series Cabinet-type Inverter.

AS700 series inverter for four-quadrant port machinery is specially designed for the industrial hoisting field, such as large portal hoist, gantry crane, shore bridge, bulk cargo, crane, and has successfully applied in the industries such as paper making, metallurgy, mining, cement, energy, chemical, petroleum and natural gas, etc.
AS700 series inverter for four-quadrant port machinery is a highly flexible AC drive product with below outstanding features: customized to meet the user's individualized needs; wide range of power and voltage, including maximum 690V industrial voltage; several built-in options; programmable to meet different application needs.
This inverter is a complete energy regeneration drive. This drive includes all parts that are running with energy regenerative including filter at incoming line side. Energy regenerative power supply unit allows energy conversion between motor and generator mode. One of the main design concepts of STEP industrial drive is to ensure the product with long service life.
Other than this, the drive is also Energy saving. Energy regenerative drive has obvious energy saving advantages, i.e. energy direct feedback toward grid without heating consumption. As external braking resistance is not required, it could be easily installed with smaller space.
This drive provides high-performance. It enables very quick conversion between electric and power generation mode, which is based on quick control performance of vector technology. Energy regenerative power supply unit can improve output voltage, and even if input voltage is lower than rated value, it can still output rated voltage with full amplitude.
After the features, coming over to the main point i.e. the Application of the AS700 Series Cabinet Inverter, it has wide range of applications. The standard configuration of this machine is capable of meeting different needs. It can be used in variety of fields, because of the standard features, which meets almost all the requirements. The S3i – n*S3i and S4i – n*S4i control board is located outside the module. The circuit board of this machine has coating. It also has extendable programming I/O ports. The communication is through the profit-bus DP. Input electric isolation is available. The AC contractor is at the incoming line side. It also has a built-in LCL filter. Du/ dt filter (nx in outline dimension). The design is optimal for the cabinet installation. The design of the module is more convenient with versatile installation. The cooling fan and capacitor provides super-long service life.

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