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The History of Jimei Company

The ShangaiJimei food machinery company was started in 1989. The company aimed at production of food machinery equipment mainly in China but the company has gradually established its presence internationally. Having exported its products in Asia, Europe, America and Africa, the company has achieved its objective of serving people globally. The company’s objective is the improvement of performance in the food industry as well as combining science, research and expertise in the manufacture of food machinery products. The company’s products has attained standards such of SMS, IDF,SO DIN,QB/T2003, 2004. The company is also known to be leading food machinery manufacturer in China. However, the company has a long history that cannot be ignored since it is the history that has shaped the company to become what it is today.

The company was established in 1989 and it was named ShangaiJimei food machinery co.ltd. the company started with the manufacture of machinery products and complete production lines. Just one year after its manufacture the company introduced the technology of drinking water production line from America. In 1992 the company continued with its food machinery production efforts by introducing carbonated beverage production line from Germany. Then in 1995 the company borrowed the idea of juice processing line from Italy. The company still continued with its food machinery production by producing dairy production line which was a technological invention from France. That took place in 1996.
In 1998 the company efforts in the food machinery sector was recognized as it was appointed as the China National Beverage corporation manufacturer. The management of Jimei decided that it was the opportune time for expansion; the office building and new workshop were expanded. Later in 2002, the company passed the standards of quality management system through ISO9001-2000 certification.
Jimei company did not stop its effort of producing more food equipment since in 2003 the company came up with gable carton filing machine; an idea borrowed from Japan. Moreover, the brick carton aseptic, which is a machine filing technology from Sweden was culminated into the company. The company evolved to become China Jimei Holding group in 2008. It was then that the company realized on the need of expanding its offices and in 2013, the new office building and the new factory of the Jimei were completed.
Today the Jimei group is famous for its food machinery products. The company has majorly been successful in the manufacture of complete processing lines, for example the Milk Processing Line and the Pasteurized Milk Processing Line The machinery products can either be of the machinery category or of the complete line category. In addition, some of the renowned beverage companies like the Pepsi cola, Coca cola, wahaha, Danone, Mengliu, Sanlu and Taizinai have all used these Jimei’s food machinery products. This has not only helped to improve the food industry in China but it has also improved the country’s economic status. This is due to the large number of food machinery products exported to other countries.