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Top 10 famous bearing manufacturer in the word

The importance of bearing cannot be ignored, especially in those machines that involves the movement of any kind. Bearings have been taking the loads and making the vehicles and other machineries to move ahead to result in something. There are many known bearing manufacturers around the world who are making this world to move in a very positive manner. You would find many China bearing supplier who have been in the market playing a very positive role. Some of them are shown herewith who have really been running the moving life of machine in a great way.

1.Ingersoll Rand
This company has become one the best bearing manufacturers after the acquisition of Torrington Company in 1986. Ingersoll Rand is amongst the leading bearing manufacturers, especially for the air compression tools. This is really making the best to the world to move and it has been awarded many recognition throughout the world.
This is another global manufacturer of bearings. You would find a good variety of products at NSK which has been supplying the best tensioner bearing to the world from a long time. From roller bearings to the ball bearing, NSK has proved itself to be one of the leading brand in the bearing world. You can expect a high quality product from this company as they have been making the news because of the same.
3.RBC Bearings
If you are talking about bearing, then you cannot think of ignoring RBC bearing. This company has been providing the best products to the aerospace world. It is not restricted to a single place as you may find its bearings in the industries and defence world.
4.Lufkin Industries
This is an American manufacturer of bearing from Texas. In the oilfields, you would find it’s bearing performing their works in a positive way. It is also to be noted that this is a manufacturer of automation services along with lift equipment.
5.Graham Corporation
Graham is mainly known for the vacuum world and it has slowly moved ahead in the bearing industries.
6.Asahi Seiko
From the world of China bearing manufacturer to Japanese, this is a well-known company from Japan. Asahi Seiko has been providing the best innovative machineries to the world. They always look for the quality and that comes really well in the results.
7.INA, Schaeffler Technologies
It is amongst the top bearing manufacturers of the world. You may find some of the China bearing manufacturer talking about INA and it is this, which has been making the bearing world to move in a very positive environment.
8.Timken Technologies
It is a well-recognised manufacturer of the bearing. The quality of tensioner bearing has always been good from Timken Technologies. People are using it more frequently in a positive way.
9.Zebra Technologies
From the world of automation, Zebra is also making the world to move mechanically. You would mainly find the computer related bearing from this manufacturer.
10.Illinois Tool Work
One can easily say that this company is world leader in specialised industrial products and bearing is also in that. You would find amazing quality products from this company.