The nominal force for FIN angle notching machine is 1000KN

The Shandong Fin CNC Machine Co. Ltd.
is a high tech enterprise, which being certified by the Chinese government is listed in the stock market. The company was founded in the year 1998. The company is devoted in the manufacture of and selling of CNC machine tools for steel structure industries such as steel constructions, bridges, power transmission towers, electric power substations, communication towers, plates and lorry beams.

The company have been making steady improvements in the field and have accumulated advanced core technologies, and this is the reason behind the quality products manufactured by them. The company is dedicated to develop complete set of CNC controlled machines and systems which can be divided into five categories: complete set of CNC machines for steel structure, for steel tower, for large steel plates, CNC Processing machines for lorry beams and CNC boring and milling center. With CNC control systems, FIN's products can process the H-beams, U-beams, angles, plates, tube sheets, flanges and other steel profiles by drilling, sawing, punching, marking, cutting, boring and milling.
Talking about the FIN CNC angle notching machine, the nominal force of the machine is considered to be around 1000KN, which is really high, and one doesn’t find such in other general machines. The variant available in this is the, Notching Machine for Angles Model ACH200. Notching Machine for Angles Model ACH200 is mainly used to cut the flange of angle by a Hydraulic pressing machine with easy operation. The angle notching machine is with high cutting speed and high working efficiency
The nominal force for the angle notching machine is 1000KN. This cnc machine can process work-piece size is 200*200*20mm. This angle processing machine can cut angle from 0-45 degree. The angle line can process max. Length of cutting is 300mm
The notching machine rated pressure of hydraulic system is 22Mpa. The angle machine dry running times is 16 times/ minute. The right angle cutting size is 200*200*16mm.
As, the machine is quite appreciated due to its nominal force which is 1000 KN, let’s also take a good look over the remaining specifications of the machine as well. The rated pressure of the hydraulic system of the machine is said to be 22Mpa. The dry running time is 16times/ minute. The maximum size of the work-piece varies depending on the blade and its angle. The single blade cutting is 200x200x20mm (Q235-A, σb≈410MPa) 200x200x18mm (Q420, σb≈680MPa). The cutting angle is 0°-45°. The maximum length of cutting is 300mm.
The right angle cutting is 200x200x16mm (Q235-A, σb≈410MPa) 200x200x12mm (Q420, σb≈680MPa). The motor power of the hydraulic pump is 18.5 Kw, and the overall dimension is 2635mmx1200mmx2090mm. The approximate weight of this machine is 6500kg.  The working temperature requirement for this machine is 0℃- 40℃. The three phase four wire system has a AC voltage requirement of 380V. Along with this, the fluctuation of the voltage is considered to be ±10%, and the frequency of this machine is about 50 Hz.

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