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How to choose ring die for pellet mill?

Ring die is generally made of carbon steel or alloy steel, or made through forging stainless steel, machining, jig hole and heat treatment processes. Currently, the ring dies popular in domestic market are high or low, which mainly due to the differences in material selection, process selection and control and other aspects. Some small factories producing ring die, their process is forging carbon steel or alloy steel, drilling die hole with twist drill, and then processed by ordinary heat treatment .

Grinder Load Automatic Control

Grinder Load Automatic Control

Such ring die usually occurs various problems in the process of production, they usually have high energy consumption, low yields, poor quality and easily result to particle burst phenomenon and so on. There is also another serious problem is the short life span and easy to wear. According to a survey, there is a high iron content in the feed which produced by such ring die pellet mills. , which greatly affected the feed formula, this result was mainly caused by poor wear resistance of ring die.
With the continuous development of market economy and China joined the WTO, only the cost-effective feed can win market competitiveness. Therefore, to reduce production costs and improve the quality of feed pellets are urgently needed for feed producers, and the qualities are largely determined by the level of ring die. According to the working conditions of ring die, feed producers should use those ring die produced by production plant which owns reasonable material, advanced equipment and technology .

On the other hand, people should choose stainless steel ring die, made of stainless steel forging stock , which is also the essence of the long life span of ring die; people should choose the die hole which processed by gun drilling. Or the ring die has been gone through vacuum heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment of the ring die to further ensure the quality of the first few steps of the processing , which ensures ring die has high wear resistance, high strength , and effectively protect the smoothness of the die hole , which also avoid the oxidation of the die hole .

In summary, a reasonable selection of ring die is a key process for feed producers to reduce production costs and improve the quality of the particles.

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