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Application of AS700 Series Cabinet-Type Inverter

The Shanghai Yixin International Trade Co., Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise, National Innovative Enterprise, Shanghai IPR Model Enterprise, Shanghai, Patent Model Enterprise, and Shanghai Technology Center.
Yixin International is a comprehensive international trading company with multilingual support for business; languages include English, Russian, Spanish, German, and Japanese. The company aims to provide a platform on which China’s high-quality products can more easily enter the international market, while making it easier high-quality products from the international market to enter the Chinese market as well.
The company also specializes in the design, development, manufacture and selling of the various types of inverters as well. One of the widely used inverter is the AS700 Series Cabinet-type Inverter.

AS700 series inverter for four-quadrant port machinery is specially designed for the industrial hoisting field, such as large portal hoist, gantry crane, shore bridge, bulk cargo, crane, and has successfully applied in the industries such as paper making, metallurgy, mining, cement, energy, chemical, petroleum and natural gas, etc.
AS700 series inverter for four-quadrant port machinery is a highly flexible AC drive product with below outstanding features: customized to meet the user's individualized needs; wide range of power and voltage, including maximum 690V industrial voltage; several built-in options; programmable to meet different application needs.
This inverter is a complete energy regeneration drive. This drive includes all parts that are running with energy regenerative including filter at incoming line side. Energy regenerative power supply unit allows energy conversion between motor and generator mode. One of the main design concepts of STEP industrial drive is to ensure the product with long service life.
Other than this, the drive is also Energy saving. Energy regenerative drive has obvious energy saving advantages, i.e. energy direct feedback toward grid without heating consumption. As external braking resistance is not required, it could be easily installed with smaller space.
This drive provides high-performance. It enables very quick conversion between electric and power generation mode, which is based on quick control performance of vector technology. Energy regenerative power supply unit can improve output voltage, and even if input voltage is lower than rated value, it can still output rated voltage with full amplitude.
After the features, coming over to the main point i.e. the Application of the AS700 Series Cabinet Inverter, it has wide range of applications. The standard configuration of this machine is capable of meeting different needs. It can be used in variety of fields, because of the standard features, which meets almost all the requirements. The S3i – n*S3i and S4i – n*S4i control board is located outside the module. The circuit board of this machine has coating. It also has extendable programming I/O ports. The communication is through the profit-bus DP. Input electric isolation is available. The AC contractor is at the incoming line side. It also has a built-in LCL filter. Du/ dt filter (nx in outline dimension). The design is optimal for the cabinet installation. The design of the module is more convenient with versatile installation. The cooling fan and capacitor provides super-long service life.

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Advantages of Yiyou glue machine

The Shanghai Yiyou Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd. is a company which specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and selling of the Thermoforming Machines. The company has the most advanced technology which has been accumulated as a result of vast experience of the founder in the field of thermoforming machine manufacturing. The company manufactures a wide range of machines. The products of the company are available in four categories.
Thermoforming has benefited from applications of engineering technology, although the basic forming process is very similar to what was invented many years ago. Microprocessor and computer controls on more modern machinery allow for greatly increased process control and repeatability of same-job setups from one production run with the ability to save oven heater and process timing settings between jobs.
Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. The sheet, or "film" when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that permits it to be stretched into or onto a mold and cooled to a finished shape. Its simplified version is vacuum forming.

The company manufactures machines which are used in the gluing process of manufactured plastic materials. These machines are available in the last segment of machines which are manufactured by the company. In this segment, Box folding, edge sealing of plastic drums and plastics, edge folding and cutting are the post process of sublimation in plastic thermoforming, and the desired effect of customers can be achieved by using with different machines.
As we take a look at the gluing machines manufactured by the company, we find two models available. First is the Fully-automatic Drum Gluing Machine. This machine is used specially for the forming and gluing of PVC, and PET material drums. With this machine, one doesn’t need to go for manual gluing, which is actually a mess. It is characterized by automatic discharging without manual gluing. The operation of this machine is really easy and doesn’t need any formal training prior to operating it. The work of this machine is really precise and accurate. The product and aesthetics are ensured by precise positioning design, and easiness in operation. With this machine, the process of supporting is reduced, and has reduces the efforts and time required to do the same. The materials which are considered suitable or the machine are the PVC, and PET. The diameter is said to be 50-200mm. the air pressure is 3-6kg/ cm2. The required voltage for this machine is 220V and the size is 850L*840W*145H.
The second machine is the Fully-automatic Folded Plastic Box Gluing Machine. The full-automatic triple folded plastic box gluing machine is suitable for production and gluing of PVC, PET, PP and other plastic boxes, and is characterized by reasonable equipment design, easiness and safety in operation, suitability for various glues, high production efficiency, and no scratches and perfect adhesion of products ensured. The machine is applicable to gluing of PVC, PET plastic boxes or folded boxes, and hot melting of PP boxes with PET non-whitening glue.

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The nominal force for FIN angle notching machine is 1000KN

The Shandong Fin CNC Machine Co. Ltd.
is a high tech enterprise, which being certified by the Chinese government is listed in the stock market. The company was founded in the year 1998. The company is devoted in the manufacture of and selling of CNC machine tools for steel structure industries such as steel constructions, bridges, power transmission towers, electric power substations, communication towers, plates and lorry beams.

The company have been making steady improvements in the field and have accumulated advanced core technologies, and this is the reason behind the quality products manufactured by them. The company is dedicated to develop complete set of CNC controlled machines and systems which can be divided into five categories: complete set of CNC machines for steel structure, for steel tower, for large steel plates, CNC Processing machines for lorry beams and CNC boring and milling center. With CNC control systems, FIN's products can process the H-beams, U-beams, angles, plates, tube sheets, flanges and other steel profiles by drilling, sawing, punching, marking, cutting, boring and milling.
Talking about the FIN CNC angle notching machine, the nominal force of the machine is considered to be around 1000KN, which is really high, and one doesn’t find such in other general machines. The variant available in this is the, Notching Machine for Angles Model ACH200. Notching Machine for Angles Model ACH200 is mainly used to cut the flange of angle by a Hydraulic pressing machine with easy operation. The angle notching machine is with high cutting speed and high working efficiency
The nominal force for the angle notching machine is 1000KN. This cnc machine can process work-piece size is 200*200*20mm. This angle processing machine can cut angle from 0-45 degree. The angle line can process max. Length of cutting is 300mm
The notching machine rated pressure of hydraulic system is 22Mpa. The angle machine dry running times is 16 times/ minute. The right angle cutting size is 200*200*16mm.
As, the machine is quite appreciated due to its nominal force which is 1000 KN, let’s also take a good look over the remaining specifications of the machine as well. The rated pressure of the hydraulic system of the machine is said to be 22Mpa. The dry running time is 16times/ minute. The maximum size of the work-piece varies depending on the blade and its angle. The single blade cutting is 200x200x20mm (Q235-A, σb≈410MPa) 200x200x18mm (Q420, σb≈680MPa). The cutting angle is 0°-45°. The maximum length of cutting is 300mm.
The right angle cutting is 200x200x16mm (Q235-A, σb≈410MPa) 200x200x12mm (Q420, σb≈680MPa). The motor power of the hydraulic pump is 18.5 Kw, and the overall dimension is 2635mmx1200mmx2090mm. The approximate weight of this machine is 6500kg.  The working temperature requirement for this machine is 0℃- 40℃. The three phase four wire system has a AC voltage requirement of 380V. Along with this, the fluctuation of the voltage is considered to be ±10%, and the frequency of this machine is about 50 Hz.

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Yiyou’s Molding Process for making Cups and Bowls

The Molding process is used to manufacture various items by shaping the liquid or pliable raw material with the use of a rigid frame which is called a mold or a matrix.
A Mold or a matrix is a hollow block which has to be filled with the liquid or pliable materials such as the Plastic, metal, Glass, or even Ceramic Raw Materials. The material i.e. the liquid hardens inside the mold, and thus creating the specified shape. The very commonly used method is the bi-valve process, which uses two molds, of which each one produces half of the object.
The molding process is used in making many plastic products such as the Cups and Bowls. We see such molds are used for various purposes, and the cups and bowls are used for serving solid as well as liquid consumable products. In the Market we are able to see many products which are available in the bowl shaped materials, which are mostly ready to cook or eat, and such kinds of packed materials are called the Point of Purchase Products.
The relatively deep parts can be formed by mechanically or pneumatically stretching the formable sheet prior of bringing it into contact with the surface of the mold and applying of vacuum pressure.
The most suitable materials for the use in vacuum thermoforming are conventionally the Thermoplastics. The High Impact Polystyrene Sheeting is the most common and the easiest to use thermoplastic. The thermoplastic is molded around an aluminum or wooden mold, which is capable of forming almost any kind of shape. It is also suitable for creating transparent molds of acrylic material, which are used widely in applications such as aerospace, like the passenger cabin windows. The vacuum thermoformed components are used in place of the complex fabricated metal sheets, fiberglass, or even plastic injection molding.
The Yiyou Thermoforming machine Manufacturers manufactures machine which are Fully-automatic and Semi-automatic, which are capable of providing the most precise and accurate work. The cup and the bowl making machines by the Shanghai Yiyou is an advanced machine which has many functions which makes it easy to set up as well as to operate it.
The manufactured cups and bowls using the Yiyou’s machine is of the top most quality, having a high quality, with a superb gloss, extremely well finished edges. The Shanghai Yiyou’s Cup and Bowl making machine is capable of accepting more than one kind of materials such as the PP, PS, PET, EVOH, KPS, as well.  s.html  OdhXZdgg

Focus Whole Road Construction Machinery List

The company manufactures many kind of construction machineries, which are high quality and reliable. The machinery segments manufactured by the company are Earth Moving Machine, Lifting Machinery, Building Machinery, Road construction machinery etc.
The machinery developed for the construction of roads are very durable reliable and fuel efficient too. The various machines in the segment are Single Drum Vibratory Loader which has more than one model. The other is Tandem Vibratory road roller, Pneumatic roller, Light compaction equipment, Motor Grader, Paver, Crawler road paver, Milling Machine, and Asphalt Distributor.
Each of the range has more than one model which has different specifications and uses. The machines are helpful in road construction from the first till last step.

The Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS122/XS122E has cummins or yuchai engines, and the driver cabin is air conditioner equipped. Single Drum Vibratory roller XS143 has a B5.9 engine, Rexroth hydraulic system, DANA axle, and the air conditioned driver cabin. Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS143J is packed with D4114 Shangchai engine, Permco hydraulic system, Chinese axle, and the driving cabin is dismountable. The driving cabin is comfortable with maximum visibility, easy operation, maintenance with reliable electrical system and good performance in vibration. Other is the Single Drum vibratory roller XS163 fitted with cummins engine, Rexroth hydraulic engine, DANA ale and many more. Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS163J having mechanical control, SC8D 156.2G2B1 engine, and Permco hydraulic system. Other than these there are other models such as Single Drum Vibratory roller XS183J, single Drum vibratory roller XS203/XS203E, Single Drum Vibratory roller XS223J/XS223JE, Single drum vibratory roller XS263, Single Drum vibratory roller XS263J, Single drum vibratory roller XS303, and Single drum vibratory roller XS333.
The other machine segment is the Tandem Vibratory rollers which are available in many models, which are packed with features. The Tandem Vibratory roller XD82E has Deutz BF4M2012 engine with Saul hydraulic system and sunshade. The chair is comfortable and adjustable, equip headlamp available at the top. Other similar models in the segment are: Tandem Vibratory Road Roller XD112E, Tandem Vibratory road roller XD123/XD123E, Tandem vibratory road roller XD133/XD133E, and Tandem vibratory road roller XD143.
Another range of products is the Pneumatic Roller. The pneumatic roller XP 163 consist of YC4A125Z engine with the function of purling. The engine is durable along with pump. The driver cabin has soft adjustable chair, and easy operational controls and many more. The other models have quite similar specifications. The models are: Pneumatic roller XP 203, Pneumatic roller XP263, and Pneumatic roller XP 303.
Another segment is of Light Compact Equipment which has different engines usually the Perkins-403d-11, along with hydraulic double drive and double vibratory drum. The engine, pump, vibratory bearing are of top brands providing great working performance. The available models are: Light compaction equipment XMR15S, Light compaction equipment XMR30E, Light compaction equipment XMR083, Light compaction equipment XMR303/XMR303S, and Light compaction equipment XMR403/XMR403S.
The remaining products in the segments are Motor Grader GR100, Motor Grader GR135, Motor Grader GR165, Motor Grade GR180, Motor Grader GR215/GR215A, Motor Grader GR230, Motor Grader GR260, and Motor Grader GR300.
Paver Rp452L, Paver RP602L, and Paver RP601, are available in the paver segment.
Crawler Road Paver RP903, and Crawler road paver RP953. And some Milling machines such as Milling machine XM50, Milling Machine XM50K, Milling Machine XM101, Milling Machine XM101E etc. And the final is Asphalt distributor LMT5061GLQ, Asphalt distributor LMT5090GLQb, Asphalt distributor LMT5162GLQ.  BrYvUnfQ

The Prospect Of The Development Of Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines are designed to sew materials or fabric. It is usually used in business to produce many clothes. This is a type of heavy duty machine that is sometimes operated by an electric motor or computer. HIKARI

Fashion trend is now very in the demand in this generation. People love to design trending clothes. Women in particular love to wear different clothes that will enhance their beauty and make them more presentable in facing or entertaining people. Industrial sewing machine has 4 types:
•    Flat bed
•    Cylinder bed
•    Post bed
•    Ooff the arm
They have common features and uses. They only differ in the design of the arm and needle post.
Sewing machines are needed by clothing companies to produce quality clothes. Aside from that, the industrial sewing machine company should look for some developments. Other countries are now using a high tech sewing machine. Sewing machines should have the following:
•    Quality of the sewing machine. It includes the speed of the machine that can provide more production of materials. There are lots of sewing machines that have been introduced in the market.  They just differ in quality. Companies should check the quality of the machine to make sure that it will last for a very long time and can give more services to the business. If the newly developed sewing machine can stay a decade, it would be a big help and provide support and advantage to the industrial sewing machine company.
•    Features of the machine. Physical features of the machine should be enhanced. It will help the machine operator to use it easily. A sewing machine that is operated by electric motor has been introduced in the market. Even small tailoring businesses are now using this kind of machine.
It also includes the size of the machine wherein the tailor will feel comfortable using it. It will also help them have a more productive industry. Some machines that were recently invented are now more high tech. They are easy to operate and you are not going to encounter troubles in changing thread and needle. Other motorized sewing machines are big in size and can accommodate sewing big clothes, big bed sheets, sofa sheet and upholstery.
Other companies are now using computerized sewing machines. Even if it is more expensive than the usual machine, it has more advantages in producing more products. Less manpower is needed. They just have to maintain the quality of the product. If there will be another high tech sewing machine, then all industries related to producing clothes and apparel will be benefited. All industries will be able to produce more products. For example, thread factories, furniture shops, textile companies, even leather factories and spare parts factories will benefit from this development. Shipping companies will also help them because more products will be made. Advertising companies will also help them produce more sales and introduce it in the market. As you can see, new developments can definitely offer a lot of benefits.

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EPS Machine Manufacturer

Zhongji Machinery Manufacturing Company was founded in the year 1992. This machinery has three machine factories at the Jiading and Qingpu industrial zone in China which covers a total area of fifty thousand square meters of land area, with more than six hundred workers and staffs. As one of the leading and reliable EPS machine manufacturer in China, roll and PU foaming machines, they are mostly engaged  in the development and widely research of present and more innovative products, talent training, plant designing and machine manufacturing. And because of this they become the first drafter for 3D panel of the National Standard of China.
For the past twenty years of being one of most competitive and biggest EPS machine manufacturer in China, they have been approved and passed for the CE certificate for quality and effective management system of machine. This CE certificate that have been given to them during the past twenty years  encourage them to effectively improve and make high quality machine and stay to be the top EPS machine manufacturer. Zhongji Machinery are the most competitive and biggest machinery maker for EPP and EPS machine, mineral sandwich panel production lines and PU machine production line in China.
Excellent EPS Machinery Manufacturer  
Zhongji Machinery is highly specialized in best manufacturer of EPS machinery lines, sandwich panel production lines and 3D panel production machine line. In the EPS machine manufacturer, Zhongji has widest scale, most effective EPS, and the fastest growing machine line producer in China.
With the aggressive competition among machine enterprises, the consumer’s knowledge is also increasing so because of this it is not easy to become the leading 3D panel production line and EPS machinery manufacturer with high reputation and standard sales amount.
Excellent machine products not only won Zhongji to earned high reputation and are on top of other competitors, but Zhongji accumulated many loyal machine users, remarkable and high quality products of 3D panel and EPS machine is also one of the most important factors to choose to join with Zhongji Company. Thus, with the good reputation, excellent service, quality and innovative production of machines, the company have achieved perfect highly improvement over years in the field of 3D and EPS panel production machine line.
This achievement of the Zhongji have made, not only depending on the right and correct observation of the market  when it comes to their machine, but more importantly manufacturing company has effective software and hardware supporting their biggest production. In addition to the accurate observation of their machine line quality, the company apply and use the same testing standards, procedures and technology in their line. Zhongji has more than ten years of technical workers and production experiences, in such way the company develops steadily when it comes to machine production.

 Why Zhongji Company is the best EPS Machine Manufacturer Solution
•    Excellent sales service
•    Australian Designer
•    Korea Cooperation
•    Italy technology
•    ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate and CE certificate

As one of the best manufacturer company of quality machine, Zhongji Machinery Company is proud to introduce their products as well as their services around the world.
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Talk about the after-sales service of Ecofleet

Shanghai EcoFleet Cooling Equipment (EcoFleet), is specializing in the production of Battery Powered Air Conditioner for truck cabin, Battery powered Refrigeration units for van. It is located in Shanghai City, China. 

    This is a responsible company , they provide customers with a complete and adequate service,they always delivered the right equipment at the right price. EcoFleet Financial Services offer a variety of tailored financing solutions and worldwide shipping arrangements for their clients. Customers just need to email them withspecific requirements so that they may suggest the most viable options for transporting goods.
EcoFleet will train technicians from their customer, provide follow-up visits to review the equipment use, and advice on optimal utilization of wear parts.
Everything EcoFleet do, only to let customers get more benefits in their market and get more business opportunities to gain more value for their customers and the community.
EcoFleet develops philosophy, and always adhere to the "science, technology and quality peer technology is the root, innovation is the soul" talent as the enterprise development and competitiveness of the country. The development of the company adhere to the concept of "first-class talent is the basis of building a first-class enterprise" has always been to focus on the training and improving.
EcoFleet regards product quality as the soul of the enterprise, the main parts and wearing parts are made of high-quality top brands parts from internal or external markets, coupled with advanced processing technology, the equipment to be durable.
   Till now, their products and solutions have been normally operated in 57 regions and countries all over the world. In order to supplying better service to customer, they have sales & service agent in 27 countries and 2 offices oversea.

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Why choose J&M

J&M dedicated to the production of the Hydraulic nut, lock nut and it can also make the products customized according to the customers’ requirements.It always pay close attention to product quality, and continuously develop new products according to customer needs, The products sold throughout the country and win the favor of most of the customers . 


J&M used to win the market occupation by the high quality as the first quasi responsibility, it also makes efforts to strengthen  every  production processe, in order to achieve the perfect quality, J&M has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, strong technical force of development,the production scale is large with high efficiency. 

Unswervingly take the quality as core,to make scale production,take the science and technology as the guide, enlarge of production scale and strengthen enterprise management, improve economic efficiency, with a new attitude and new management philosophy, pioneering and enterprising to seek greater development opportunities to achieve new goals,to survival by the quality is the final goal of J&M.

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To choose the suitable nut

We all know that the accuracy of the nut is different, some are high and some are low, generally speaking, a factory producing hundreds or even thousands of nut, probably there are only a few high accuracy   nut, the rest are just ordinary precision. J&M produce the anti lock nut which have achieved the highest accuracy 


J&M thinks that No matter how small, how ordinary the things, when you make it fine, make it perfect, it is not ordinary, In the industrial world, the nut is a category of "fasteners"Whether the rocket, aircraft, cars or rail transportation, the reason that advanced manufacturing industry is advanced  is that it has a fundament :even the components and  parts must be advanced, and cannot fall behind . Nut is the most obscure parts, all kinds of machinery and equipment cannot do without it

Naturally, there also exists difference in the products standard  in  fastener industry  . Take anti-lock nut as an example, in the case of mechanical vibration, once the nut itself loose, it will cause damage to the device, and then lead to accident. So, in the production of the locknut, the key is to put   "lock” at the first place 

J&M also have more resources to invest in new technology research and development. For  years it just do one thing, that is to study the mechanism of anti-loose nut, Greatly enhance the anti loose effect of the nut, extend the service life.  As a result, the anti-lock nut produced by J&M, has achieved the highest accuracy

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Characteristics and relationship of high pressure fan and industrial vacuum cleaners

High pressure fan and industrial vacuum cleaners are two different devices, it seems that the two machines have no any relationship, but in fact they are inseparable devices.



Take the high pressure fan from SIMO Blower as example, the characteristics of its high pressure fan are following:
1, Small size, light weight, high pressure, with blade design of forward curved
2, Low noise, the new design which can eliminate the high frequency caused by wind shear, and result to a significant reduction in noise.
3. Low vibration, the blades have been balanced correction by computer and processed by high- precision machine, so that the vibration reached minimum.
4. The use of aluminum alloy material, significantly reducing weight to achieve purpose of weight reduction.
5, The special air volume damper, it has high stability in air flow control, so that it’s easy to operate. (applicable to CX. TB. HTB)
The industrial vacuum cleaners are not simple, either. It has particularly strong suction and its powerful suction can effectively clean all kinds of dust, is an ideal dust removal equipment of industrial production. In fact, industrial vacuum cleaners have such effects due to relying on the use of high pressure fan, the two machines complement each other and connected to each other in order to have these effects. In other words, high pressure fan is the basis of the running of industrial vacuum cleaner.

Xinxiang SIMO Blower Limited Company, as the leader enterprise in central and west areas of China, has accumulated so many experience in fan design , manufacturing, testing , and many other aspects. Their products are mainly used in power support, environmental protection, metallurgy, steel, chemicals, building materials, metro and other areas. This company provides large fan products with excellent quality and reliable performance to key units of national projects for many times. And it supporting exports to more than ten countries and regions, has won extensive trust and praise from a number of design institutes at home and abroad.

If you want to know more about Xinxiang SIMO Blower Limited Company,you can visit its official website: