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Yiyou’s Molding Process for making Cups and Bowls

The Molding process is used to manufacture various items by shaping the liquid or pliable raw material with the use of a rigid frame which is called a mold or a matrix.
A Mold or a matrix is a hollow block which has to be filled with the liquid or pliable materials such as the Plastic, metal, Glass, or even Ceramic Raw Materials. The material i.e. the liquid hardens inside the mold, and thus creating the specified shape. The very commonly used method is the bi-valve process, which uses two molds, of which each one produces half of the object.
The molding process is used in making many plastic products such as the Cups and Bowls. We see such molds are used for various purposes, and the cups and bowls are used for serving solid as well as liquid consumable products. In the Market we are able to see many products which are available in the bowl shaped materials, which are mostly ready to cook or eat, and such kinds of packed materials are called the Point of Purchase Products.
The relatively deep parts can be formed by mechanically or pneumatically stretching the formable sheet prior of bringing it into contact with the surface of the mold and applying of vacuum pressure.
The most suitable materials for the use in vacuum thermoforming are conventionally the Thermoplastics. The High Impact Polystyrene Sheeting is the most common and the easiest to use thermoplastic. The thermoplastic is molded around an aluminum or wooden mold, which is capable of forming almost any kind of shape. It is also suitable for creating transparent molds of acrylic material, which are used widely in applications such as aerospace, like the passenger cabin windows. The vacuum thermoformed components are used in place of the complex fabricated metal sheets, fiberglass, or even plastic injection molding.
The Yiyou Thermoforming machine Manufacturers manufactures machine which are Fully-automatic and Semi-automatic, which are capable of providing the most precise and accurate work. The cup and the bowl making machines by the Shanghai Yiyou is an advanced machine which has many functions which makes it easy to set up as well as to operate it.
The manufactured cups and bowls using the Yiyou’s machine is of the top most quality, having a high quality, with a superb gloss, extremely well finished edges. The Shanghai Yiyou’s Cup and Bowl making machine is capable of accepting more than one kind of materials such as the PP, PS, PET, EVOH, KPS, as well.  s.html  OdhXZdgg

Focus Whole Road Construction Machinery List

The company manufactures many kind of construction machineries, which are high quality and reliable. The machinery segments manufactured by the company are Earth Moving Machine, Lifting Machinery, Building Machinery, Road construction machinery etc.
The machinery developed for the construction of roads are very durable reliable and fuel efficient too. The various machines in the segment are Single Drum Vibratory Loader which has more than one model. The other is Tandem Vibratory road roller, Pneumatic roller, Light compaction equipment, Motor Grader, Paver, Crawler road paver, Milling Machine, and Asphalt Distributor.
Each of the range has more than one model which has different specifications and uses. The machines are helpful in road construction from the first till last step.

The Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS122/XS122E has cummins or yuchai engines, and the driver cabin is air conditioner equipped. Single Drum Vibratory roller XS143 has a B5.9 engine, Rexroth hydraulic system, DANA axle, and the air conditioned driver cabin. Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS143J is packed with D4114 Shangchai engine, Permco hydraulic system, Chinese axle, and the driving cabin is dismountable. The driving cabin is comfortable with maximum visibility, easy operation, maintenance with reliable electrical system and good performance in vibration. Other is the Single Drum vibratory roller XS163 fitted with cummins engine, Rexroth hydraulic engine, DANA ale and many more. Single Drum Vibratory Roller XS163J having mechanical control, SC8D 156.2G2B1 engine, and Permco hydraulic system. Other than these there are other models such as Single Drum Vibratory roller XS183J, single Drum vibratory roller XS203/XS203E, Single Drum Vibratory roller XS223J/XS223JE, Single drum vibratory roller XS263, Single Drum vibratory roller XS263J, Single drum vibratory roller XS303, and Single drum vibratory roller XS333.
The other machine segment is the Tandem Vibratory rollers which are available in many models, which are packed with features. The Tandem Vibratory roller XD82E has Deutz BF4M2012 engine with Saul hydraulic system and sunshade. The chair is comfortable and adjustable, equip headlamp available at the top. Other similar models in the segment are: Tandem Vibratory Road Roller XD112E, Tandem Vibratory road roller XD123/XD123E, Tandem vibratory road roller XD133/XD133E, and Tandem vibratory road roller XD143.
Another range of products is the Pneumatic Roller. The pneumatic roller XP 163 consist of YC4A125Z engine with the function of purling. The engine is durable along with pump. The driver cabin has soft adjustable chair, and easy operational controls and many more. The other models have quite similar specifications. The models are: Pneumatic roller XP 203, Pneumatic roller XP263, and Pneumatic roller XP 303.
Another segment is of Light Compact Equipment which has different engines usually the Perkins-403d-11, along with hydraulic double drive and double vibratory drum. The engine, pump, vibratory bearing are of top brands providing great working performance. The available models are: Light compaction equipment XMR15S, Light compaction equipment XMR30E, Light compaction equipment XMR083, Light compaction equipment XMR303/XMR303S, and Light compaction equipment XMR403/XMR403S.
The remaining products in the segments are Motor Grader GR100, Motor Grader GR135, Motor Grader GR165, Motor Grade GR180, Motor Grader GR215/GR215A, Motor Grader GR230, Motor Grader GR260, and Motor Grader GR300.
Paver Rp452L, Paver RP602L, and Paver RP601, are available in the paver segment.
Crawler Road Paver RP903, and Crawler road paver RP953. And some Milling machines such as Milling machine XM50, Milling Machine XM50K, Milling Machine XM101, Milling Machine XM101E etc. And the final is Asphalt distributor LMT5061GLQ, Asphalt distributor LMT5090GLQb, Asphalt distributor LMT5162GLQ.  BrYvUnfQ